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ИП Palo Verde IT 

Ireland based IT firm seeking developers for short term, flat fee projects in .net.  Projects are usually MVC 5 based and will range from 1-3 days work for each.  Must be able to work independently from web design documents to build or re-brand sites quickly.  Proficiency with Razor and MVC views is essential, as well as ability to work with CSS and JS to achieve required designs.  Must be able to work with complex JSON domain models to summarise and reduce provided data into more user friendly representations.  Delivered code will be deployed and supported by external teams, so readable, testable code is essential.  Fees will be agreed upon at the start of each project.  Payment will be made upon review and acceptance of each successfully delivered project.  Projects will be delivered to Git repositories.  


Our clients represent various industries with several millions of pounds in combined annual revenue, and our dev team is distributed worldwide.  We are interested in finding a small number of long term partners.  Successful delivery with smaller projects could lead to cooperation on much longer terms or full time employment.


Interested parties should submit CV and relevant code samples to:  recruit@pvsln.com

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